Recognizing Abuse

Types of Abuse:

  • Physical abuse: Physical harm, restraint meant to confine, use of medications for punishment or when not authorized by doctor
  • Sexual abuse: Unwanted sexual contact, sexual exploitation, forced viewing of pornography
  • Financial: Theft, misuse of funds or property, extortion, fraud, or scams
  • Neglect: Not providing food, clothing, shelter, or health care for someone under one's care when those things are available
  • Self-neglect: Not providing food, clothing, shelter, or health care for oneself that a reasonable person would provide
  • Abandonment: Leaving someone without care when a reasonable person would continue to provide care
  • Isolation: Preventing contact with family, friends, or other individuals
  • Abduction: Removing someone from the state of California against their will and not allowing their return
  • Psychological/Mental suffering: Verbal assaults, threats, or intimidation that causes fear, depression, or emotional distress

Warning Signs

If you observe any of these signs in an elder or disabled adult you know, please alert APS

  • Inconsistent explanations for injuries
  • Recent changes in thinking, confusion, or disorientation
  • The caregiver is angry, indifferent, or aggressive toward the person
  • Personal belongings, papers, or credit cards are missing
  • Lack of food, water, utilities, medications, or medical care
  • The caregiver has a history of substance abuse, mental illness, criminal behavior, or family violence
  • Unusual changes to the person’s bank account or other important documents

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