Children and Youth System of Care (CYSOC)

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Assembly Bill 2083 (AB2083) Children and Youth System of Care requires each county to develop and implement a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) outlining the roles and responsibilities of the various local system partners that serve children and youth in foster care who have experienced severe trauma.

In Santa Clara, that focus has been expanded such that all youth and families who are in or at risk of entry to services are included in the population of focus. AB2083 builds upon the implementation of Wraparound services and the Continuum of Care Reform (CCR), which, at its core, affirms that all children served by the foster care system need, deserve, and have the ability to be part of a loving family.

Additionally, there is a shared belief that agencies serving children and youth must collaborate effectively and share key service delivery functions to surround children and families with needed support, services, and resources.


All children and their families in Santa Clara County thrive in safe, healthy, and stable homes, workplaces, and communities.


Strive to keep children safe and families strong and ensure all children and youth at risk are safe, cared for, and grow up in a stable, loving family.

Our Values

  1. Tribe, Parent and Youth Driven
  2. Community-Based and Least Restrictive
  3. Culturally Linguistically Competent
  4. Racial Equity
  5. Prevention and Early Intervention Focused


System Level Outcomes

  • An integrated, aligned, and shared system of care for children, youth, and families that is evidence-based, outcome-focused, family-centered, strength-based, culturally relevant, trauma-informed, and healing-centered.
  • Decrease formal system involvement and disproportionality.
  • Family and Community-Centered services and supports made available across the three (3) tiered prevention continuum and are provided in the least restrictive environment.


Who we are

The Children and Youth System of Care have established a joint Interagency Leadership Team (ILT) committed to help ensure alignment of vision and trust, maximize efforts and share risk, reward and responsibility; and decreasing institutional trauma.

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Our Goals

Develop a shared vision of a well-coordinated and integrated system of care.

Engage diverse, culturally rooted community members and address risk factors and strengthen protective factors to decrease formal system involvement and disproportionality.

Develop Family and Community Centered tiered interventions and services to ensure the safety and well-being of children, youth, and families.


Building an Effective Children and Youth System of Care

Establishing and supporting an interagency System of Care is challenging. It also offers an opportunity to transform the partner’s systems and radically alter the capacities of partners to expand their capacity, develop uniform approaches, reduce trauma on youth and families, and insulate local departments from the cyclic nature of publicly funded resources.


The Integrated Core Practice Model (ICPM)

The ICPM is a unifying framework for child-serving systems across the Clara’s System of Care. ICPM aligns and integrates the essential elements of effective teaming and engagement, building upon the collaborative, interactive practices that agency staff at all levels and partners provide children, youth, and families to improve accountability and outcomes.

The Integrated Core Practice Model (

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