Post Adoption Services

Adoption is a life long journey. The needs of the adoptive parents and their children do not end when adoption is complete. Santa Clara County Department of Family and Children Post Adoption Services unit is a continuing resource for information, support and services to the adoption triad (adoptive parent, adoptee and birth parent) once the adoption is complete.

Santa Clara County has a unit of Social Workers whose focus is helping the adoption triad members. Our goal is to provide support and aid through information and referral. We also offer support with financial assistance and adoption services.

Post adoption social workers are able to provide guidance about connection to community agencies and resources. They can also give counsel on how to obtain non identifying data about an adoption and help in obtaining forms for contact/reunions. They also give support around the adoption assistance program in California and supply help about our adoption wraparound program and adoption camp.

Read the Post Adoption Program Resources Guide


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