Santa Clara County Summer Camps & Enrichment Activities

The Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors has granted funding for camps and enrichment activities for our children and youth!

The Summer Camps and Enrichment Activities (SCEA) program was designed to help foster and low-income children and youth in Santa Clara County participate in summer activities by providing eligible families with scholarships.

The Kinship, Adoptive and Foster Parent Association (KAFPA) of Santa Clara County coordinates the SCEA program and is your point of contact for questions and assistance. KAFPA, founded in 1989, provides resources and advocates for the needs of kinship, adoptive and foster families in Santa Clara County.

There are several camps and enrichment activities for children and youth with various interests such as science, karate, programming, music, art, fitness, horseback riding, cooking, sports and many, many more! There are also camps and activities for children and youth with special needs.

For camp and enrichment activity ideas, please visit these websites:

San Jose Summer Camps
Activity Hero
Active kids

Boy playing in park


Who is eligible to enroll:

Children and youth who are residents, of Santa Clara County, must be between the ages of 0-18 years old AND must meet one of the conditions below:

  • Adoption – Children and Youth adopted through the Juvenile Division of the Superior Court of CA. 
  • Foster Care – Children and Youth placed (by court order) outside their home in a resource (foster) home, with a relative caregiver or Non-Related Extended Family Member (NREFM). These children and youth have an attorney.
  • Kinship Care – Children and Youth living with relative through guardianship but not in court-ordered foster care. Child/Youth does not have an attorney.
  • Low Income – Families, receiving public assistance (Medi-Cal, CalFresh or CalWORKs).  
  • Probation – Probation - Receiving Prevention and Early Intervention (PEI) services from the probation department but youth DO NOT have court case.
  • Receiving DFCS Services – Receiving voluntary family maintenance, voluntary family reunification, informal supervision or differential response services from Department of Family & Children's Services and contracted agencies.

Please make sure you have all of these documents before beginning the application:
•   Camp info
•   Proof of enrollment
•  Cost of summer camp / activity OR Proof of payment (If seeking reimbursement)

Sample Documentation

* Please note that funds for this program are limited and DFCS cannot assure anyone’s eligibility or approval to receive funding. There is a $600 cap per child (with few exceptions). You should not expect reimbursement for camp unless your application has been approved and you have received a formal approval email.

Sample receipt

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