More About Adult Protective Services

Principles That Guide Our Work

  • The concerns of elders and dependent adults are the starting point of any intervention.
  • Clients have the right to make their own decisions as long as they do not harm themselves or others.
  • Clients can make their own decisions unless a court has ruled otherwise.
  • Clients have the right to accept or refuse services.
  • APS social workers do not impose personal values on clients.
  • APS keeps every client’s personal information confidential.
  • APS values the cultural, historical, and personal beliefs of all clients.
  • APS honors the right of clients to receive information in a manner that they can understand.
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Financial Abuse Specialist Team

The Financial Abuse Specialist Team (FAST) was formed in 1999, with members from APS, the Office of the Public Guardian, the Office of the District Attorney and the Office of County Counsel. The team's mission is to identify, investigate, prevent, and remedy financial abuse of elders and dependent adults.

The key components of the team are rapid response, confidentiality, and a multi-disciplinary approach. FAST speaks out against financial abuse, educates the public, and supports legislative changes that deter financial abuse of elders and dependent adults. Through its motivated members, FAST can promptly and decisively prevent and remedy financial abuse.

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Public Health Nurse

Public Health Nurses (PHN) are available to address unmet health and medical needs of elder and dependent adults referred to APS. Many APS clients suffer from untreated or undiagnosed medical conditions, making them at-risk of abuse or neglect. The PHNs provide health education, links to medical resources, and help finding lasting solutions to complicated health issues.

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The Connections Program

Since 2013, APS and the Behavioral Health Department (BHD) have collaborated in providing the Connections Program. A BHD therapist, stationed at APS, provides mental health services to APS clients. The clients may have signs of mental health issues, be suffering from serious psychiatric illness, or have been exposed to trauma. The therapist provides in-home mental health services and may link clients to additional community resources.

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