In-Home Supportive Services Recipients

Recipients can get services at home from family, a friend, or a provider from the Public Authority Registry. IHSS pays for the services and recipients are responsible for hiring, supervising, and scheduling. They are also responsible for signing timesheets and firing providers who do not perform services as specified.

Do I Qualify?

You may qualify for IHSS if you live in your own home in Santa Clara County and are blind, live with a disability, or are 65 or older.

You must also have a Medi-Cal eligibility determination. If you do not have Medi-Cal, please call 1-877-962-3633 or visit for details or to apply.

You must also complete and submit a Health Care Certification Form.

Services IHSS Can Provide:

  • Housecleaning
  • Cooking
  • Shopping
  • Laundry
  • Taking you to and from medical appointments
  • Personal care services such as dressing, bathing, feeding, toileting
  • Paramedical services such as helping with injections, wound care, colostomy and catheter care as directed by a doctor

Services IHSS Cannot Provide:

  • Moving furniture
  • Paying bills
  • Reading mail to you
  • Caring for pets, including service animals
  • Gardening
  • Repair services
  • Sitting with you to visit or watch TV
  • Taking you on social outings

Applying as a Care Recipient

1. How to Apply

Contact IHSS at (408) 792-1600 or fill out the application and submit using one of the options below.

In-Home Supportive Services
PO Box 11018
San Jose, CA 95103-1018

[email protected]

In Person
353 W. Julian Street, San Jose

(408) 792-1601


2. Health Certification Form

Have your doctor complete a Health Care Certification Form. This form must be completed before you can receive services.


3. Home Visit

A social worker will come to your home to determine what types and how many hours of services you need. They will consider your medical condition, living arrangement, and any resources that may already be available.


4. Authorization

The county will send you a letter (Notice of Action) telling you if you have been approved for IHSS. It will tell you what services have been authorized, how much time is allowed for each service, and the total approved monthly hours.


5. Hiring Provider(s)

When services have been approved, you can hire one or more people to provide your care. A friend or relative may be your provider or you may hire from the IHSS Public Authority Caregiver Registry.

Your provider must complete all the necessary steps before starting work. You or your provider can contact the Public Authority about provider requirements.

Visit Public Authority for Enrollment Requirements


Frequently Asked Questions

    After the provider has been enrolled and begins working, they will complete timesheets two times per month.

    There are two pay periods: from the first through the 15th and the 16th through the end of the month. Providers will complete timesheets based on the hours they have provided care to the recipient.

    As of May 2020, all providers will submit Electronic Timesheets. Both recipients and providers must create an account on the Electronic Services Portal.

    Once IHSS receives your signed Health Certification Form and proof of Medi-Cal eligibility, a social worker will be assigned your case. The social worker will call you to schedule a home visit.​

    The social worker who comes to your home will give you a business card with their contact information. The social worker’s name is also on the letter (Notice of Action) that you received in the mail after your home visit.

    You may also call the main line at (408) 792-1600 with your case number or social security number. A staff member will transfer you to your social worker.​​​​

    IHSS does not offer referrals for housing. However, you may find assistance through the Housing Authority of Santa Clara.​

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