Mandated Reporters

​Who is a Mandated Reporter?

Most people who work with elders​​​ or disabled adults are mandated reporters under state law. To determine if you may be a mandate​d reporter, please review the Welfare and Institution Code.

APS Expansion- AB 135 FAQ

Your Responsibilities in Three Steps

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Step 1 – Call

Mandated Reporters must report elder and dependent adult abuse by telephone to Adult Protective Services or local law enforcement immediately or as soon as practically possible.

In case of life-threatening emergency, call 911

Call the APS reporting line - (408) 975-4900 or (800) 414-2002
Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Call the Long-Term Care Ombudsman for abuse that occurs in a licensed long-term care facility – (408) 944-0567

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Step 2 – Report

Mandated Reporters must complete the State of California Report of Suspected Dependent Adult/Elder Abuse forms.

Report of Suspected Dependent Adult/Elder Abuse (English)

Report of Suspected Dependent Adult/Elder Abuse (Spanish)

Statement Acknowledging requirement to Report Suspected Abuse of Dependent Adults and Elders

For use ONLY by Financial Institutions to report financial abuse:
Report of Suspected Dependent Adult/Elder Financial Abuse

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Step 3 – Send

Mandated reporters must mail or fax the completed abuse report within two working days to:

Confidential Fax: (408) 975-4910
Mailing Address:
County of Santa Clara Adult Protective Services
353 West Julian Street
San Jose, CA 95110

Failure to report elder and dependent adult abuse by mandated reporters is a misdemeanor, punishable by imprisonment and/or fine.

Mandated Reporter Online Training

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This free, 90-minute online training provides basic information about mandated reporting and responsibilities.

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