Friends From Meals on Wheels

Friends from Meals on Wheels (FMOW) is a socialization service available to participants of the Meals on Wheels Program (MOW). Increasing socialization and access to daily, human interaction is a critical part of leading a healthy life as people age.

Who We Serve

FMOW is targeted towards MOW participants.

What We Offer

FMOW provides several exciting benefits including home visits and/or phone calls, facilitated group calls (which include fun virtual games such as bingo), a mailed monthly newsletter, and in home exercises. The program also provides information on important community resources and connections.

Please contact the Health Trust if you are currently enrolled in the MOW program and would like to request more information.

The Health Trust
[email protected]

Friendly Visits Making an Impact

Friend visiting elderly man in living room

Charles is 81 years old, lives alone, and suffers from several chronic health conditions. He has been a client of The Health Trust's FMOW program since its inception in 2016.

For the last 3 years, FMOW staff member Danae has been his friendly visitor. Charles and Danae loved to sit together on Charles’ little patio and watch the hummingbirds visit his feeders and the antics of his cat, Underfoot. Living on a fixed income, it was a struggle keeping Underfoot fed and stocked with kitty litter, especially when the pandemic hit. Danae was able to connect Charles to an animal rescue group who delivered free food and litter to him once a month.

In 2022, Underfoot passed away at the ripe age of 20. Danae was able to arrange for Underfoot’s cremation and then she found a cat locally who had been waiting a year to be adopted and was medically at risk. “This cat needs medication," recalls Charles. “He needed help, I needed help, we are a perfect fit.” Charles named the cat Rumples, and the three of them, Charles, Danae and Rumples, are now fast friends.

When asked about what he would say about Friends from Meals on Wheels, Charles chuckled and said, "Run! Don't walk. Get signed up. Really! This has been a phenomenal program for me and I cannot praise Danae enough for getting me through these difficult times. Made a real difference to me.”

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Email: [email protected]

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