Department of Family and Children's Services At A Glance

August 2021

calls received

Calls Received By Child Abuse & Neglect Center
Total number of calls that came in through the Child Abuse and Neglect Call Center (CANC) this month.

social worker

Referred for investigation

Total number of calls that met the statutory criteria for investigation this month (called "referrals").

in person response

In-Person Responses

Total number of referrals that were responded to in person this month.

evaluated out

Evaluated out

Total number of referrals that were evaluated out (referred to community-based providers for service provision) this month


Children Receiving Services

Total number of children receiving services from DFCS this month. In addition to the children, services are provided to their caregivers and their biological parents if the children are in out of home care.


In Out-of-Home Care

Total number of children and youth who received services at any point in time during the month. Service categories include Emergency Response (ER), Family Maintenance (FM), Family Reunification (FR), Permanent Placement (PP) and Supportive Transition (ST), as well as Voluntary FM and FR.

Safety. Permanency. Well-Being.


Child welfare is a complex system in which methods vary widely by state and county. We all work to promote the three country wide goals for child safety:

  • Safety: All children have the right to live in a home free from abuse and neglect.
  • Permanency: Children need a family and a permanent place to call home.
  • Well-Being: Children deserve caring homes in which their physical, mental, educational, and social needs are met.

The DFCS tracks child welfare services through several means, like formal case review.

We track to help create good practice in child welfare, reach good outcomes for children and families, and explore the lives of children and families engaged in child welfare services.

Tracking helps support accountability, develops, and adds to continuous quality improvement (CQI) in practice. We steadily gather data to be able to support the success on these outcomes; find and address the gap between current and desired conduct; and make possible a process for improving conduct.

Currently, DFCS has chosen to give added focus on two federal measures. These measures fall within the country wide goals of safety and permanency.

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