Medi-Cal Regulation and Policy Handbook

Medi-Cal Handbook Index

Medi-Cal Handbook Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Medi-Cal Hierarchy

Chapter 2: Covered CA Overview

Chapter 3: Acronyms & Definitions

Chapter 4: Inquiries & Resources

Chapter 5: Applications

Chapter 6: Citizenship/Immigration Status

Chapter 7: Residency and Inter County Transfer

Chapter 8: Transitions

Chapter 9: Budgeting

Chapter 10: Redeterminations

Chapter 11: Denials/Discontinuances/Suspensions

Chapter 12: Reporting a Change and Notices of Action

Chapter 13:Managed Care, Health Care Options, and OHC

Chapter 14: MAGI MC Tax Household

Chapter 15: MAGI MC Income

Chapter 16: eHIT

Chapter 17: External Referral Data

Chapter 18: External Change Data

Chapter 19: MN/MI and Non-MAGI MC MFBU

Chapter 20: Non-MAGI MC Income

Chapter 21: Property

Chapter 22: DDSD

Chapter 23: Pickle and Aged, Blind, and Disabled (ABD) Programs

Chapter 24: Long Term Care (LTC)

Chapter 25: Medicare Coverage

Chapter 26: 250% Working Disabled Program

Chapter 27: Share of Cost

Chapter 28: Sneede v Kizer

Chapter 29: Infants, Children, and Pregnant Individuals

Chapter 30: FPL Programs

Chapter 31: Transitional Medi-Cal (TMC)

Chapter 32: Minor Consent

Chapter 33: Specific Institutional Programs

Chapter 34: Refugees/TCVAP

Chapter 35: State/County Administered Health Insurance Program

Chapter 36: State Waiver Programs and Limited Services

Chapter 37: Special Treatment Programs

Chapter 38: Diligent Search/Estate Recovery/Fraud Referrals

Chapter 39: BICs, Overpayments, Billing, and LOA

Chapter 40: Court Orders

Chapter 41: Telephonic Signature

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