CalFresh Regulation and Policy Handbook

CalFresh Handbook Index

CalFresh Handbook Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Thrifty Food Plan and Income Test Limits

Chapter 2: Charts, Tables, and Miscellaneous

Chapter 3: Application

Chapter 4: Authorized Representative

Chapter 5: Social Security Number Requirements

Chapter 6: Verifications

Chapter 7: Expedited Services

Chapter 8: Notice of Action (NOA)

Chapter 9: Household Composition

Chapter 10: Excluded and Non-Household Members

Chapter 11: Categorically Eligible (CE) Households

Chapter 12: Homeless Households

Chapter 13: Adding or Deleting a Person

Chapter 14: Residence, Citizenship, and Immigration Status

Chapter 15: Resources [63-501]

Chapter 16: Certification Periods

Chapter 17: Recertification

Chapter 18: Income Tests

Chapter 19: Income Definitions and Exemptions

Chapter 20: Income Deductions

Chapter 21: Shelter Deductions

Chapter 22: Budgeting Concepts

Chapter 23: CalFresh Employment and Training

Chapter 24: Semi-Annual Reporting Requirements

Chapter 25: SAR 7 Processing

Chapter 26: Supplemental Payments/Claims

Chapter 27: Work Registration

Chapter 28: Able Bodied Adults Without Dependents (ABAWDs)- Work Requirements

Chapter 29: Institutional Residents

Chapter 30: Students

Chapter 31: California Food Assistance Program (CFAP)

Chapter 32: Application Processing For Displaced Households Due To California Disasters and Replacement Benefits Due To Household Misfortune

Chapter 33: Disaster Issuance Procedures

Chapter 34: Transitional CalFresh Benefits

Chapter 35: Issuance/EBT

Chapter 36: Inter County Transfer

Chapter 37: Supplemental Nutrition Program

Chapter 38: Transitional Nutrition Program

Chapter 39: Work Incentive Nutritional Supplement (WINS) Program

Chapter 40: Reserved for Future Use

Chapter 41: Reserved for Future Use

Chapter 42: Reserved for Future Use

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