Foster Care Regulation and Policy Handbook

Foster Care Handbook Index

Foster Care Handbook Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Definitions

Chapter 2: Foster Care Overview

Chapter 3: Authority for Placement

Chapter 4: Federal Eligibility Requirements

Chapter 5: Age Requirements

Chapter 6: Residence/Refugee/Alien-age/PRUCOL

Chapter 7: Income

Chapter 8: Property

Chapter 9: Payment Authorization and Control (PAC)

Chapter 10: Application Process

Chapter 11: Child/Medical Support Referrals

Chapter 12: Appeals for Foster Care, Kin-GAP, and Adoptions

Chapter 13: Relative Placements

Chapter 14: Legal Guardian Placements

Chapter 15: Non-Relative Placements

Chapter 16: Out-of-State Placements

Chapter 17: Placements- Additional Rules

Chapter 18: Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA)

Chapter 19: Foster Care Redeterminations

Chapter 20: Special Needs

Chapter 21: Emergency Assistance

Chapter 22: Intensive Services Foster Care

Chapter 23: Reserved for Future Use

Chapter 24: Reserved for Future Use

Chapter 25: Wraparound Program

Chapter 26: Reserved for Future Use

Chapter 27: Aid Payments and State Administered Rates

Chapter 28: Reserved for Future Use

Chapter 29: Inter County Transfers

Chapter 30: Underpayments/Overpayments

Chapter 31: Forms

Chapter 32: Fiscal Procedures

Chapter 33: California Ombudsman for Foster Care

Chapter 34: Medi-Cal

Chapter 35: Application for SSI/SSP

Chapter 36: Kinship Guardian Assistance Payment (Kin-GAP) Program

Chapter 37: Adoption Assistance Program

Chapter 38: Juvenile Probation Department (JPD)

Chapter 39: Extended Foster Care (EFC) Benefits

Chapter 40: Clerical Processing

Chapter 41: Reserved for Future Use

Chapter 42: Intake Benefits Processing

Chapter 43: Intake and/or Continuing Benefits

Chapter 44: Continuing Benefits Processing

Chapter 45: Reserved for Future Use

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